Our History

Tecnológico de Monterrey was founded in 1943 thanks to the vision of Mr. Eugenio Garza Sada and a group of businessmen, who formed a civil association called Enseñanza e Investigación Superior, A.C. (Higher Education and Research, A.C.).

Tec de Monterrey is a private, non-profit, independent and non-partisan institution.

The work of Tec de Monterrey and all its campuses is supported by civil associations, made up of a large group of outstanding leaders from all over the country committed to the quality of higher education.

80 years after the founding of Tec de Monterrey, these are some of the main historical events that distinguish our Institution.

1943 - 1953


In 1943 it is founded with 350 students, Business and Engineering careers and the Preparatory School. The Monterrey Campus is inaugurated, the first university campus in Mexico.

1953 - 1973


In 1954, the new Library is inaugurated with the iconic mural "The Triumph of Culture" by Jorge González Camarena. The School of Sciences is born with majors in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. Begins offering master's degrees in engineering and science. The first computer arrives with the acquisition of IBM 1620 equipment and the Electronic Calculation Center is created. The Mexico City and Ciudad Obregón campuses are opened.

1973 -1993


The School of Medicine is born. Personal computers and computers are introduced in all degree programs (first in Mexico). The first Internet connection in Latin America is made. Tec celebrates its 50th anniversary and already has 50,610 students in engineering, architecture, science, business, humanities and medicine.

1993 - 2003


Virtual University is created. Laptop as a requirement and platform for courses. Double degrees with foreign institutions are initiated. Master's degree 100% online. Tecmilenio University is inaugurated.

2003 - Hoy


The first edition of INCmty takes place. The Eugenio Garza Lagüera Entrepreneurship Institute is inaugurated.launching of Distrito Tec and Profesor holograma. The Tec celebrates its 80th anniversary, with 96,040 students and 61,522 students in Tecmilenio.


Corporate values

Human Flourishing

At Tec, we recognize that Human Flourishing is a personal and conscious process of developing capabilities in all areas of life. It is an individual journey where each person engages with the community and the environment around them to create a better world, respecting their own dignity and that of others.

We are committed to creating an environment for Human Flourishing. Learn more about the initiatives that positively impact becoming a better person, building a better community, and creating a better planet.

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The principles in which our Vision, our educational philosophy, our identity and all of our Campus and academic entities unity, are based in the Tecnológico de Monterrey founders´ ideals.

Also, they are an ethical reference for the group of norms and reglaments that determine, in a direct way, institutional and academic decisions and their behavior.



We are passionate about the disruption that generates value.

  • We break paradigms creating new opportunities for our public.
  • We are entrepreneurs, we generate ideas oriented to the public we serve and make them a reality.
  • We support and recognize people, so they can generate changes, take risks and learn from their mistakes.

    We exert freedom with responsibility.

  • We are congruent, we lead with the truth and reject non-ethical behavior.
  • We are responsible of our behavior and our decisions are consistent with our principles and values.
  • We use the Institution´s resources in an austere and honest manner.

    We achieve the vision together.

  • We encourage and recognize collaborative and multidisciplinary work.
  • We act with high standards, we empower people and remove barriers that prevent us from collaborating.
  • We place collective success before individual achievements.

    We always put people in first place.

  • We take time to listen, understand, support and develop our community members.
  • We respect the dignity of people and value the diversity of our community.
  • We encourage compassion and learn to live in harmony with our differences.

    We work for a sustainable world.

  • We are conscious citizens with a global vision.
  • We work together to solve the problems of the world and those of the most vulnerable communities.
  • We promote sustainable development for the benefit of future generations and the planet.